Monday, August 12, 2013

Why is Obama still President?

Hell if I know... serious disaster but I don't give a shit these days because I try not to pay nearly as much attention as I use to. Besides those who voted for him are no doubt suffering far more than those who did not. Hope this presidency is working out for you... but just watch, as I am typing this people are already talking about Hillary being the next president. If this country elects that idiot bitch after two terms of this moron, then I hope those who do vote for her suffer the consequences. Peace, Gaius.

Friday, May 17, 2013

DNC Video: "The Government Is The Only Thing We All Belong To"

Thursday, May 16, 2013

You People Who Voted For Obama Must Feel Like Assholes Bout Now Huh?

Well maybe not. America is full of just the type of clueless retarded bastards that completely ignore all the stupid shit Obama does.

Smug President: Amazing there are still idiots who are trying to excuse Obama’s incompetence!

Throughout Barack Obama’s tenure as President of the United States and throughout every major scandal during that time period, nobody important has known anything important about anything…important. Every time a new scandal breaks, the White House comment is “we found out about this through news reports,” “we need to wait for all the facts,” and of course, “this was just a few low-level employees in X-state or X-city, nobody in Washington was involved.”
There’s a pretty good list of examples underneath it. Just poking through it and counting the items, I can’t prove it, but I’m inclined to think the list is non-exhaustive. Although what did make the cut, supports the thesis reasonably well.
Things Obama doesn’t know:
He doesn’t know that he was running assault rifles to Mexican drug lords
He doesn’t know that he was using the IRS to attack political opponents
He doesn’t know that he has been wiretapping the press
He doesn’t know that he let Ambassador Stevens die, and then lied about it the families of the victims
He doesn’t know that he has tripled the deficit
He doesn’t know that he is the most divisive president in US history
He doesn’t know that his pastor of 20 years i[s] an America hating racist!
 Things he does know
All scientists agree that CO2 is going to kill us all

Folks I’ve said this somewhere on this blog long ago. Me personally I don’t blame Obama for anything.
I blame… anyone who voted for him first…
I blame… specifically the liberal white media… I know while I can’t of course prove this  $$millions of dead presidents got funneled to every major media organization in this country from Obama's record fund raising coffers.
Simple straight up profits is what protected Obama from scrutiny and the result was an amazingly and woefully ignorant public. At least half of this country is made up of people that even if one day Obama was found to have committed the most egregious crimes in American History… the winner of American Idol would still be more important. Stupidity and ignorance allows Obama to succeed, thank any white face currently in America’s newsrooms. I expect black people to be dumb, but not educated white folks!   
I blame… elements inside the GOP who stood by and did nothing and acted like a bunch of scared little bitches and allowed Obama to bully them.
I blame… Any educated white person with the wherewithal to process right and wrong, good vs evil and yet still refused to vet this man, learn about this man, understand who and what he truly was. Voted for this man because you thought it was cool or hip or would or could help race relations or some similar stupid shit.
Obama is protected by too many white people who rely on him for well… everything and he is a smug fuck.
Watch… 30 days from now NONE of what is so damn important to anyone today and every headline on Drudge and countless Twitter tweets will even be talked about and we will be wondering how did he escape scrutiny so fast?
Wanna bet he will have taken a vacation in the next 30 days?      

Obama's Ultimate Screw Ups, Gaffes and Blunders

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Greetings... How is that Obama presidency Working for you?

Bengazi, IRS, AP wiretaps… I find it funny that so many are shocked and outraged.
What? You did not see this coming?

Don’t pay quite as much attention anymore. I have higher priorities these days.

I hope all of you are well and are surviving this president. Good thing is the people who are likely suffering the most are those who voted for his idiot ass in the first place.


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Friday, March 29, 2013

Just checking... Obama fans are kicking themselves these days...

Have not checked out the blog in a long time. Hey Obama fans how are things? The one thing I have realized is the people who vote for Obama are having the hardest time these days. You should not be rewarded for stupidity!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hey Obama voters... still happy he won?


You people who lost your jobs since Obama’s reincarnation still celebrating? 

To see companies that announced layoffs since the election, visit the Daily Job Cuts page. Please be sure to tell Obama Thank You.

  Obama in Burma: ‘I cannot just impose my will on Congress, even though sometimes I wish I could’

Peace People



Thursday, November 1, 2012

If America Elects Moron Obama to a Second Term America will be Endorsing Failure

Folks I'm going to kinda go into hibernation until the election results are in. Setting the Chris Christie clown show aside (he is suppose to look presidential every damn day people) I hope that on November 6 America wakes up. Also I hope white people wake the hell up and understand the consequences of electing this crazy man (Obama) to a second term.

When I started my research on Obama early in the 2008 campaign I simply could not see or understand what people saw in him, still don’t. 
I swear I don't, there is nothing charismatic, or charming or real about him. 

I hear some of my friends still gush over him as if they have been asleep the last four years and I want to just shake them into reality.

While I don’t like Obama in any way shape or form I do admire the brilliance and execution it took to get him elected.

The same fascination I felt long after processing the horror of 9/11.

The people who helped purchase the presidency for Obama (make no mistake foreign money purchased his victory in 2008), in order for it to work they had to understand basic psychology and apply it in small doses.
Unfortunately America is full of basket cases.
Humanity is increasingly becoming weak, dependent, and illogical. The lack of the necessary family structure that is slowly eroding the fabric of this country specifically and the world in general cause more and more of us to seek a “daddy” figure, government.
You ever seen a kid still gush after his or her father even though the bastard may be an abusive, alcoholic drug induced psychopath.  

The same skepticism I felt as a young kid in various black churches where the charismatic pastor would scream and shout and psychologically bully his congregation into compliance and into their pockets works even in politics.

Can we be as simple and stupid as to pass numerous tasteless yard signs and have that affect our voting choices?

Can we be driving behind the moron in the fast lane going ever so slowly with the political bumper sticker and say to ourselves “yes I’m with you bud.”

We elected a man that simply mastered the teleprompter and also mastered the Sunday sermon cadence while delivering his ever vacant oratory. We elected a man simply because of style and little or no substance.

He speaks so well but is exceptionally ill equipped to run this nation yet despite his colossal incompetence he can actually win a second term.

Folks let me be blunt here, if Obama wins on Tuesday it will certainly confirm what I have always feared and that is America is indeed on the slide towards its demise because if someone as screwed up and corrupt and incompetent as Obama can win two terms despite his stupidity then we effectively have open the flood gates to have any well connected money rich moron run this country.

I’m not here touting the political savvy and intellect of Romney this is standing up and deciding that we want to have someone as president that proudly represents our country.
That won’t blame us first for the ills of the world, that won’t embarrass us lowering his head to bow some Saudi jackass, and who won’t put his hand on his crotch while the national anthem plays and would not be married to some irritating wretch of a woman who has always shown and voiced contempt for this nation.   

Reading Obama’s followers commentary is an exercise in intellectual vacancy because none seem to have the intellectual ammunition to explain why this moron should have a second term.
Any sane engaged voter should distinctively know that attacking Romney is not an agenda, attacking America is not an agenda, bowing to dictators is not an agenda, pissing away billions of tax dollars on green energy schemes is not an agenda, watching American’s die and passing the blame onto a private citizen is not an agenda, sharing wealth is not an agenda.

The only thing that keeps Obama relevant is money, endless flows of money and influence. This is how you can explain why the media flat won’t do their job and will protect Obama to the point of completely ignoring any incompetence which is why I completely stopped watching the news.

Only people completely devoid of realistic and logical thinking could support this man, unless he is completely filling their pockets and there are still those white people still so caught up in history that they think that supporting a black man somehow absolves them of any racial guilt or they simply think that still supporting Obama is somehow cool.

I find this more than amusing because the neo-Nazi types who always crow about the racial and intellectual superiority of white folks, well Obama election victory in 2008 and if he manages to win again in 2012 will certainly disprove all that.

Obama even had the audacity as to campaign and help raise money for a former Klan member Robert Byrd and I still talk to black and white folks who either did not know this and more can’t believe he actually did it, they think I’m making it up, amazing! 

It is one thing to be able to study hard and be a good test taker and receive multiple degrees and maybe be able to achieve some measure of success but those who are completely unable to process or understand Obama’s lack of ability and lack of basic common sense yet still gleefully support him gives you pause.  

If Obama wins on Tuesday what does that say about us, this country, and our future?
I don’t want to wake up on Wednesday pondering this question.

People this election should not even be close, frankly if Romney does not win by a landslide it will make me wonder, but at least this nightmare will be over.

People if you associate with those who still are on the fence, talk to them, educate them, don’t take this election casually; it is going to take all of us, every last one of us to take this man down. We simply can’t allow him to continue to screw this nation over and to take this nation down a path which we could possible never recover from.